1st Place Hackathon Wired Next Fest in Florence - BeautyHack - Wired and Huawei


BeautyShoot - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"


September 2016

The goal of the event was the creation of the app most interesting and innovative, able to impose itself on the market thanks to its performance. In accordance with the theme of the Florentine edition of the Wired Next Fest the app central theme had to be beautiful sharing, in the most various shades and sensitivity of it's meaning.

"BeautyShoot, the name of our creature, is the true representation of the subjectivity of beauty.

We wanted to create a product that would allow everyone to become an artist by the potential of their smartphone. Ours is a photo sharing app where you register and, through profiling, you are directed to a community of interest. Who are its members will see it in action thanks to augmented reality, while photographing what he sees around. So it will be like visiting the same place, to spend their ideal of beauty from virtual to real.

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3rd Place Smart Human Habitat - Brescia Smart City Hackathon


Smark - "Farewell to parking meters machines"


October 2016

Through the use of A2A sensors the goal of the contest was to develop applications that:

- Study in deep the possibilities of small and autonomous devices, able to communicate long distance, can improve processes and provide new solutions to smart city, smart in areas Economics, smart mobility, smart environment, smart People, Smart Living, Smart Governance . "

Smartmobility and company car

- To predict the performance of travel times of public transport and to determine their position in real-time, so as to allow in Brescia Mobility to improve the urban transport service.

- Record location and transportation routes in sharing in order to understand the behavior of those who use the service and to optimize it.

Smart Fitness

- Understand the behavior of those who train using public spaces in order to help the government to improve the infrastructure available.

- Provide socialization tools during training sessions and promote a healthy lifestyle and shared.

Smart shopping

- Tracing the paths that people make while buying products, the time spent in shops.

- Provide socialization and sharing tools during shopping.

3st Place Hackathon Smart Girls Milan


Pink in Milano - "Safe is a girl business"


April 2017

The event was held in Milan in the framework of the STEMintheCity initiative by the City of Milan to bring girls closer to digital culture and the study of technical and scientific subjects. The "pink" hackathon aims to generate new projects related to the sustainability, security and energy efficiency of the new smart cities. A day dedicated to tech women and aware that they want to improve the quality of city life.